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Southern News Group's media family now includes 10 other newspapers located in major U.S. cities as well as a full-service business printing company, an International Trade Center and International Television Station which are at the hub of educational and cultural programs, international business conferences, seminars, overseas delegations and many community based programs in the Greater Houston area.
Faced with what U.S. President barack Obama calls the worst global economic downturn since the Great Depression, local businesses have found themselves in their own economic dilemma. They can no longer afford the increased price structures of traditional media advertising that the faltering economy has created. But if they want to stay in business, they have to advertise and advertise with established and reputable media outlets.
For over 30 years, Southern News Group has published the Southern Chinese Daily News, daily newspaper for a wide sector of the Asian population in southwest Houston. And now drawing on our knowledge of modern newspaper technology, we have created an English language-based newspaper, the Houston Daily News, that directly addresses the advertising needs and budgets of so many businesses in the Houston area. Plus, because Southern News Group publications have established, long-standing readerships and circulation, advertisers with the Houston Daily News will benefit greatly from this well-known success.
The Houston Daily News fills the clear need for a broad-based publication in our area that will bring its readers national, international and community news while serving businesses and families and will bring advertisers a new and exciting way to reach new markets within Houston's diverse cultural landscape.

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Vision: To be the premier company providing quality products in the printing & media industry.

Mission: To create one-stop service to the customers with quality, efficiency and lower price.

Mission and vision

STV will be dedicated to keeping the community informed about all the exciting events and international business developments at the International Trade Center as well as highlighting.

Offer your products and services in the Houston Chinese Yellow Pages for a fraction of the cost of Mainstream Yellow Pages Directory advertising. It has been leading Asian Yellow Pages for over 30 Years.

A multi-functional printing department of the SCDN. It does not only print various publications of the Group, but also offers a broad variety of services to other businesses in the Greater Houston area.



The Houston Daily News is the newest member of the Southern News Group's family of media enterprises and the first FREE daily English language newspaper in the United States!